Application Assistance

Although a fairly simple and straight forward on-line process, many applicants to university and college worry about making mistakes on their application.  Such concerns may include entering improper program codes, applying to more than the allowed number of programs, and even applying to the wrong campus and start date desired.  All students applying to university will use the same application, whether they are currently attending high school or not (  Also, those students not currently attending high school are responsible for sending the OUAC a copy of their most recent transcript(s), which can result in additional application processing fees. The basic application fee for 2024 is $156 for three program choices, and $50 for each additional program choice. No more than 3 program choices can be made to a university. Some universities now impose a supplemental fee for select programs. Also, some universities are now using an external evaluation services to “screen” applicants, which may result in additional application fees. 

College applications require that students creates their own username, password and account information prior to selecting their intended programs (  Also, OCAS limits the number of program choices a student can make (5), and the number of choices at one college (3).  Let edvice4you help you navigate the application cycle, ensuring that you are making the good decisions, not duplicating your program choices, are selecting the correct program and start date, and are aware of such things as “alternate offers of admission”, “admission deferrals” and repeated courses.  Once universities and colleges receive your application, what happens next?  Many will send you a confirmation letter or e-mail, and may direct you to a link to complete a supplemental or additional information form.  These can be critical, especially if they are required for your application to proceed – read all of your correspondence very carefully!  Offers of admission may start to arrive very quickly (early offers of admission), or perhaps later in the spring, depending on the program you have applied to, your academic status (victory lap), the courses you are currently taking and so on.  Do not panic if you do not receive an offer immediately, very few students do.

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