Which is the best fit for you? University, College, Apprenticeship, Work or a Gap Year. Choose one from the list below to find out more.


University Route

University is for students that have studied university level courses throughout high school and have undertaken a more rigorous and challenging academic course load.

College Route

College is for those students with a more hands-on, practical, learning style. You can obtain an applied degree, diploma or certificate depending on the program selected.

Apprenticeship Route

An apprenticeship is a way of learning a trade where the employee gains experience and skills, while earning income.

Work Route

For students who want to enter the work force immediately to gain experience or save for future education, etc.

Victory Lap

A 'Victory Lap' is for those students who wish to return to complete a course they could not take the year before or to upgrade their marks.

Gap Year

You may wish to take a year off prior to commencing your post-secondary education. This often involves travelling and/or community service.