Victory Lap

A “victory lap” is the term often used by students returning to high school for an additional semester or year.¬† However, there are some important considerations prior to deciding upon this option.

  • Are you returning for the right reasons? (readiness for post-secondary education, missing required courses, unsure of which program to take…)
  • Did you complete the requirements of the OSSD?
  • Does the school and / or program¬†you intend to apply to have a penalty for repeated courses?
  • What if the course(s) I wish to take is not offered until second semester?
  • What are the financial considerations of returning for a “victory lap”?
  • Will the “victory lap” have an impact on my admission eligibility?
  • Can I request an admission deferral and for post-secondary education, and then opt for a “victory lap”?
  • New government funding regulations may limit the number of courses you are allowed to take and / or repeat! (
  • Can I do a one semester “victory lap” and then apply for January admission to university or college?
  • Can the credits I require be completed quicker through Night School or Adult Education? (

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