Useful Tips

Careful planning.

Knowledge is power.

Make wise and careful choices.

Attend a local UIP and CIP program.

Visit the campuses you are interested in attending:

University: (

College: (

Ask the right questions.

Know where to find the answers (edvice).

Educate yourself.

Start early – do not wait until the last minute!

Contact Edvice4you.

*New: StudentSuccess.Life (Through Ontario Virtual School): Free 15 minute consult with a Guidance Counsellor to discuss post-secondary pathwaysmental health concernspost-secondary application questionshelp with course selectionaddress specific concernsinternational student success pathways…and much more. .  Or contact the Ontario Virtual School Guidance Support Centre at 416-907-4899 or on-line at:

*NEW: Learning How to Learn: The Difficult Art of Studying

Useful Resources for High School, University and College Students


1. Creating a Study Plan:

2. Study Smart Before Exams/Tests:

3. Taking/Making Effective Study Notes:

4. How to Manage Stress:

5. Test-Taking Strategies on Exam Day:

6. Improving Your Memory: