Frequently Asked Questions

What is university?
What is college?
  • An institution which offers one, two and three year certificate/diploma programs, and more recently four year applied degree programs. Colleges also have specific course and grade requirements for admission, especially “oversubscribed” programs.  Furthermore college programs tend to utilize a more “hands-on” / “applied” or practical learning style.  Linkage opportunity to many universities are widely available (Conestoga College (
What is the difference between a college and a university?
What is the best fit for me or my child?
  • This is an individual choice involving such criteria as distance from home, size of community, scholarship opportunities, admission requirements… There is no “one size fits all” model.
  • Although a University of Waterloo link, the following suggestions can be applied when applying to any post-secondary institution. “Factors to Consider When Choosing a University(
What if my child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP)?
  • Since an IEP is a legal document, universities and colleges will offer whatever accommodations are necessary to support your child’s education.  Many offer open houses and tours for such situations.
How will his / her accommodations be met?
  • Although each school is different in their approach, generally institutions will assess your child’s “documentation” and implement appropriate program  accommodations and supports.  From my experiences, they are very capable and do a great job.
How much will a post-secondary education cost?
  • This will depend on the type of institution, the program selected and whether or not your child will live in residence.  Every university and college makes this information available on their web sites, including sources of funding. Please see “Money Matters“.
When do I apply?
  • The Ontario university application deadline for equal consideration for the upcoming academic year is January 15, 2024 before 11:59 pm. I suggest applying before this date to avoid a potential system crash! (ouac)
  • The Ontario college application deadline for equal consideration is always February 01 before 11:59 pm for the upcoming academic year. (ocas)
How do I apply?
  • Applications for university and college are available at the links above.  University requires a username and pin# provided to the students by their Guidance Counsellor, while college applicants create their own usernames and passwords.
Are there any critical deadlines I need to be aware of?
  • Besides the application deadlines above, many institutions also have scholarship and bursary application deadlines. These are different for each school and can usually be found on the school website under “scholarships” or “financial assistance”.
How can I fund my child’s education?
Where do I find information on admission requirements?
How do I determine what schools offer which programs?
  • The above links will also let you know which Ontario colleges and universities offer which program. Evdice4you can also assist with this information.
Can my child complete college and then transfer to university or vice versa?
  • Absolutely.  Many colleges have degree completion “linkage“, “articulation agreements” or “transfer opportunities” to specific universities in Ontario, Canada and overseas.  Also, many university students can apply to post-graduate diploma programs at college.  Specific details are available on school websites. For example, here are the transfer opportunities (articulation agreements) for Conestoga College (
Where are universities and colleges located?
What if I decide to repeat a course to obtain a better mark?
  • Some university departments may penalize a student for a repeated course, or give preference to those who earned their grade on a first attempt.  Others may question a grade if it was earned at a private credit-granting institution. Most, however, will accept the highest mark achieved.
Where can my child find Community Service opportunities?

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