College Route

  • Will you have completed all of the requirements of the OSSD?
  • If not, are you 19 years or older and/or considered a “mature student
  • Have you checked the admission requirements for the program(s) you intend to apply to? (
  • Does the school and / or program you intend to apply to have a penalty for repeated courses?
  • Do you intend to study full time or part time?
  • When do I apply to college?  Before the February 1st, 2021 deadline!
  • When is the Ontario College Information Fair? ( Fall 2020.
  • When is the local College Information Program? (College Information ProgramCancelled Fall 2020.
  • Do you have an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • Are there any supplemental application requirements?
  • Will you require academic upgrading?
  • What is the difference between a diploma and a certificate?
  • Can I transfer to a university to complete a degree from my program? (
  • What are “Foundation” programs and do I need to consider them?
  • Have I visited the campus I plan on attending?  Contact a college to arrange a visit. ( Open Houses Cancelled for 2020. “Virtual Tours” available for some campuses.
  • How much will a college educations cost? (Money Matters)
  • How can I help finance my education? (Money Matters)

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